An Analysis of Sex Appeal in Marketing

This is an examination of the use of sex related tactics and suggestive and provocative content in marketing strategies.
Each page analyzes a different aspect of the use of sex appeals. There are five main components being explored to demonstrate the effect and influence of sex in today’s media.
These topics have also been summarized into a movie, located below.

Why is Sex Appeal Used in Marketing?
The biological reasoning behind the use of sex in advertising and why this tactic is such an effective tool for marketers based on primal instincts of viewers.

The Use of Sex Appeal in Marketing in North America
Advertising strategies and consumer response in Western society are evaluated. Examples of popular ad campaigns demonstrate the usefulness of sex in advertising all across North America.

Effectiveness of Sex Advertising in Other Countries and Cultures
A comparison of advertising regulations and strategies based on the use of sex appeal. An interesting dynamic is displayed when guidelines of the use of provocative and/or suggestive content within different cultural backgrounds are assessed.

Sex Advertising Gone Viral
Exploration of what motivates viewers to share media that contains sexual content. The correlation between emotional incentive and motivation to forward media is also illustrated.

Influence and Impact of Sex in Advertising on Today’s Youth
Examination of the use of sex in the media and its impact on youth of today. What children see in the media drastically affects their reality and expectations; the use of sexually suggestive or provocative content further promotes this negative effect.

Sex Appeal in the Media: Part One

Sex Appeal in the Media: Part Two